Training and Development

Family Description

Jobs in this family design, deliver, coordinate, and/or evaluate training and development programs. These positions facilitate group processes or instruct and inform State employees and community partners in professional level or specialized functions.

Typical functions:

The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

  • Identify professional development training needs.
  • Plan, develop, and conduct training for state agency personnel and/or clients.
  • Design and evaluate professional development programs for effectiveness.  
  • Use various training tools to conduct research, develop, deliver, and facilitate training programs.

Positions allocated to this series may perform the duties described, or specialize in areas that require job-specific expertise. The work assigned to positions in this series ranges from developing training materials to managing training programs.

Jobs and Descriptions

Training Technician

Vocational-level Training & Development position assisting with planning and coordinating orientation, in-service, and other training programs. Consults with administrative staff and other supervisory personnel to identify training needs and assists in research and development, prepares, and modifies training materials or assists in these tasks.

Typically requires a High School Diploma or high school equivalency and 0-4 years of related experience.
OCCU: 9326
Pay Grade: MS05


Training Specialist I

First-level professional position that assists with instructional programs and courses, administers certification requirements, and administers assessments. At this level, employees assist with designing and creating instructional materials and evaluation instruments that measure the effectiveness of training and the achievement of instructional objectives and knowledge transfer.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 1 year of relevant work experience.
OCCU: 9327
Pay Grade: MS07


Training Specialist II

Second-level Specialized Training and Development position accountable for developing and delivering training programs, administering certification requirements, administering assessments, providing technical assistance, and ensuring knowledge transfer. Employees are responsible for short to medium term objectives and outcomes and perform assignments under the general guidance and advice of a more experienced colleague or supervisor.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 2-4 years of relevant experience.
OCCU: 9328
Pay Grade: MS12


Training Specialist III

Seasoned Specialized Training and Development professionals at this level design, develop, coordinate, and deliver instructional programs for a wide variety of specialized areas (e.g. emergency and safety personnel). Employees administer certification requirements, assess the availability of training resources and evaluate cost effectiveness of training programs. At this level, positions may lead and mentor lower level instructors by planning, assigning, and approving work. Employees may coordinate, develop and validate examinations that measure student performance or measure the achievement of training objectives and knowledge transfer. Positions at this level require a level of knowledge necessary to support curriculum design and make recommendations for changes to training and implement changes as approved. Employees may provide coaching to lower level staff.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 4-6 years of relevant experience.
OCCU: 9329
Pay Grade: MS13


Training Team Lead

Training and Development supervisor/manager who coordinates and develops policies and administrative procedures related to the operation of a training program. At this level, employees direct curriculum design and instruction and are accountable for the work performance of training staff and compliance with established objectives. Employee supervision includes hire recommendations; training; work planning, assignments, and review; and performance assessment, coaching, and progressive discipline. Supervision at this level also requires these employees to have the knowledge and skills to perform and review the work overseen.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 5-7 years of relevant experience.
OCCU: 9330
Pay Grade: MS15

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