Specialty Trades and Construction

Family Description

Specialty Trades and Construction (Not a true Job Family but rather a categorization of specific jobs in the following areas: Electrician, Plumber, HVAC, Painter, Carpentry, Electronics, Boiler/Pressure, Wastewater, Silk Screen, Heavy Equipment Operation)

Jobs in this family have specialized knowledge and skills in one of the trades areas or general knowledge of multiple trades areas to perform activities related to construction project planning, design, management, and contract administration.

Jobs and Descriptions

Specialized Trades Worker I

First-level vocational position accountable for performing various, singularly focused, and basic manual tasks that can be learned with short on the job training. Assists journey level employees and follows specific and detailed procedures and practices as instructed. Tasks performed require use of basic tools and equipment under supervision.

Typically requires 0-2 years of experience.
OCCU: 9827
Pay Grade: MS06


Specialized Trades Worker II

Second-level vocational position accountable for completing Journeyman level work within a specialized trade. Employee has a knowledge of the procedures, processes, regulations, and practices applicable to the specialize trade and can apply that knowledge to troubleshooting and work that is complex or varied in nature.

Typically requires completion of an apprenticeship program in the trade area or 4-6 years of on-the-job training in the trade area.
OCCU: 9828
Pay Grade: MS09


Specialized Trades Team Lead

Employees at this level perform advanced vocational-level work within a specialized trade; however, the primary skill level and focus is on the design of new, redesign of existing, and replacement of any type of electrical or computer controlled building/plant systems. At this level, employees are seen as the go-to resource for the most complex or new installation, configuration systems control programming, integration with other types of systems, and network maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair work. In addition, employees are responsible for one or more of the following: 1) lead over lower level employees (e.g., adjusting work assignments and schedules to maintain staffing levels, providing training and mentorship, signing off on work); 2) serve as a project contractor/coordinator for installation or replacement of systems requiring design (e.g., prioritize tasks for each phase of work; requisition materials and supplies; liaise with State inspectors, representatives of local power companies, etc.) 3) participate in operational administration (monitor and account for inventory; and recommend need for outside contractors, create job specifications, recommend bids for approval, and monitor work).

Typically requires completion of an apprenticeship program in the trade area and 2-4 years of experience.
OCCU: 9829
Pay Grade: MS11


Specialized Trades Supervisor

Supervisory-level position that oversees construction, remodels, or component operation, maintenance or replacement for State buildings or facilities or assists more complex projects and supervises vocational-level employees. Employee supervision includes hire recommendations; training; work planning, assignments, and review; and performance assessment, coaching, and progressive discipline. Supervision at this level also requires these employees to have the knowledge and skills to perform and review the work overseen.

Typically requires 5-7 years of semi-skilled or higher level experience in trades, building maintenance or construction.
OCCU: 9830
Pay Grade: MS13

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