Public Relations

Family Description

Jobs in this family are responsible for the coordination and administration of a public awareness program, including news media relations, for an agency. These positions increase awareness of agency responsibilities by providing information and participation opportunities to the public.

The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

  • Identify public information and internal communication needs.
  • Provide relevant informational services to the public and internal audiences.
  • Perform news and/or publication writing, graphic and/or website design, photography, videography, and social media work.
Jobs and Descriptions

Public Relations Specialist I

First-level Public Relations professional accountable for conducting basic research to identify public information needs in order to draft relevant and routine agency communications (letters to constituents, press releases, etc.) for distribution, and provide relevant informational services to the public. Employees at this level follow specific guidelines in doing clearly defined tasks and procedures (e.g. standard presentations for the public) that relate to non-controversial, straightforward matters.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree.
OCCU: 9111

Pay Grade: MS08


Public Relations Specialist II

Second-level professional accountable for more complex research and communication strategies in providing information to the press, legislature, and the public. Assigned work may be more complex or controversial and may require decisions to be made using overarching guidelines rather than clearly defined procedures. May act as an agency liaison, disseminating information to the legislature, newspapers, radio, television, communication networks, and internet-based media.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 1-2 years of experience.
OCCU: 9112

Pay Grade: MS11


Public Relations Specialist III

Seasoned Public Relations professional position responsible for ensuring the execution of a public affairs function for an agency or program. At this level, employees act as a lead worker to assign, coordinate, and review research and communications produced by lower level professionals. Employees participate in developing high profile news releases and representing the agency to the public and the legislature.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 3-4 years of experience.
OCCU: 9113

Pay Grade: MS16


Public Relations Specialist Team Lead

Supervisory position accountable for directing and overseeing a public affairs function for a state agency or major division or program within a large agency. Employees draft policy, create new approaches to solve complex public affairs issues, and inform strategic planning activities. These duties may require collaboration with subject matter experts and the ability to immediately respond to high-impact media inquiries. At this level, employees require a broad knowledge of all agency and program activities in order to respond to various agency issues. Employees also supervise the writing and production of publications about agency programs and may represent agencies or programs on high impact assignments such as a crisis task force, legislative proceeding, court testimony, etc. Employee supervision at this level includes hire recommendations; training; work planning, assignments, and review; and performance assessment, coaching, and progressive discipline. Supervision at this level also requires these employees to have the knowledge and skills to perform and review the work overseen.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 5+ years of experience.
OCCU: 9114

Pay Grade: MS17

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General Pay Plan

General Pay Plan