Family Description

Jobs in this family perform investigations for fraud and potential violation/complaints against licensed individuals under the purview of the appointing agency. May enforce compliance with applicable codes, laws, rules, and regulations.

Jobs and Descriptions

Investigator I

This is entry-level professional investigatory work involving gathering evidence to determine compliance with state licensing, permit, registration, or to confirm proper safety measures are being followed. The work involves responsibility for making field investigations, ascertaining facts, obtaining evidence, reporting cases of violation, and explaining requirements and procedures for compliance with the law. Prepares and answers correspondence in connection with investigations and audits. Contacts other departments, state or federal agencies when carrying out investigative functions. Maintains ongoing files and documentation for security purposes.  May operate in an “undercover” capacity while investigating.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 0-2 years of investigative experience or High School or high school equivalency and 3-4 years of experience.
OCCU: 9748
Pay Grade: MS04


Investigator II

This is professional investigative work involving gathering and presenting facts based on extensive research. Responsible for making thorough examinations of records, analyzing data, interviewing witnesses, and auditing financial documentation. Reviews cases of complaints, suspected safety violations, and fraud allegations. Compiles and completes investigative reports of violations. Conducts audits of financial records when monetary infractions are concerned. May operate in an “undercover” capacity while investigating.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 2-4 years of investigative experience.
OCCU: 9749
Pay Grade: MS08


Investigator III

This is seasoned professional investigative work conducting field and desk investigations, gathering documentation for evidence, and completing reports for agency accountability. Interviews individuals involved in criminal and administrative infractions. May appear as an expert witness in a disciplinary or court preliminary hearing. Establishes liaison with various law enforcement agencies and the compiling and acquiring of security information. May train employees on best policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Makes frequent contact with other governmental agencies, professional associations, and other entities involved. May operate in an “undercover” capacity while investigating.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 4-6 years of investigative experience.
OCCU: 9750
Pay Grade: MS11


Investigation Team Lead

Supervisory investigative work involving planning, directing, and conducting complex investigations of criminal and/or administrative nature. Responsible for establishing investigative priorities, delegating tasks, and assigning projects to subordinate personnel. Determines and implements policy in own area of expertise. Conducts follow-up investigations to ensure employees are following protocols and in compliance with policy. May operate in an “undercover” capacity while investigating. Trains employees on procedures, adequate research techniques, and investigative practices.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 6-8 years of investigative experience.
OCCU: 9751
Pay Grade: MS13


Investigation Supervisor

Managerial level work involving the supervision of investigations conducted by subordinate employees in a specialized area. Responsible for managing divisions or programs through subordinate personnel that involve investigative research of violations of Mississippi laws and regulations related to licensing, tax evasion or fraud, benefit eligibility, and pipeline safety. Supervises and coordinates field investigations; ensures proper documentation and records are accurate and timely; serves as liaison for attorneys, agency heads, and other investigative personnel. May operate in an “undercover” capacity while investigating.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 8-10 years of investigative experience and 1-2 years of supervisory experience.
OCCU: 9752
Pay Grade: MS15

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General Pay Plan

General Pay Plan